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Collab Spot offers real-time collaboration on digital media with your team Collab Spot's bug reporting features
Collab Spot provides an accessible space to share feedback, edit designs, and organize tasks with your entire team.
View your team's work in real time.
As your team leaves comments, creates to-dos, and edits the design of your digital media, all of their changes will update in real time. This allows for a collaboration experience as seamless and productive as working alongside one another in the same room.
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Reporting text bug with Collab Spot editor
Assigning different levels of access to team member's with Collab Spot
Manage your team by assigning different levels of access
Adding new team members to a project is easy, and you are able to customize the level of access that they have to a given project. This allows you to easily distinguish between those with viewing, feedback, and editing permissions.
View all of your team's work in one place.
In addition to being able to instantly jump to any design edit or piece of feedback that a team member has created, Collab Spot also offers the ability to conveniently view everything your team has done on a project in one place on the dashboard.
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Viewing your team's work with Collab Spot
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