Creating Your
First Project
In this guide, learn how to start gathering feedback and iterating designs faster by creating a project with Collab Spot. It only takes a few seconds to get started!
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Creating Your First Project
With Collab Spot, you can instantly turn any website into a collaborative workspace where your whole team can work together. After creating an account, you can use the steps below to get set up in seconds.
Creating a project in the Collab Spot dashboard
1) On Your Dashboard, Click "New Project"
A menu will then appear, allowing you to enter project details.
2) Fill in Project Name/URL
Entering a project name will help you easily find your project later. Your project name can be changed later. In the project URL field, enter the domain that you want to edit.
3) Start Collaborating!
That's it! You will now be able to collaborate on your website. Click on your newly created project to open it. You can invite your team members via email or by providing a sharing link to them.
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