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Design Teams
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The best design teams have great communication, and push the frontier with innovating new designs. Collab Spot gives design teams everything they need to share ideas and visually create and test new content and layouts.
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Easily manage your design language, create different versions of your designs, and collect feedback from your team and end users.
Collab Spot's design library
Collab Spot gives your team all of the feedback and design tools that your startup needs to build an incredible product.
Manage your design language to maintain consistency across an entire project.
Collab Spot allows you to import the specifics of your project's design language to be used anywhere. Easily apply colors, fonts, and animations with a single click. Experiment with new designs at speed.
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Adjusting design language with Collab Spot
Previewing a design on a tablet device
Visually edit your design, and test it in real time on popular device types.
With Collab Spot's visual editor, you can edit your design on the fly with no code. HTML, CSS, and Javascript is automatically generated to allow your team to implement the changes with, no coding needed. After creating a design, easily test it on popular device types.
Gather feedback from your team and users to build a better design.
With Collab Spot, getting feedback on your designs couldn't be easier. Invite your team and customers to leave comments, report bugs, and share their thoughts about your designs so that you can build a better website.
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Leaving a comment with Collab Spot
Collect feedback and iterate the designs of digital media faster with Collab Spot.

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