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Development Teams
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To create great products, development teams need to be able to communicate effectively and build new designs at speed. Collab Spot allows teams to expressively build new designs with no-code, and easily get feedback from users.
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Speed up the development process with Collab Spot's no-code visual design editor, test products on different device types, and collect feedback from users.
Collab Spot design editor
Collab Spot gives your team all of the feedback collection and development tools that your team needs to build an incredible product.
Visually create the perfect design, and have the code automatically generated for you.
Click on any element of your design and use our powerful visual editor to change the content or style. HTML, CSS, and Javascript code is automatically generated for rapid implementation. Spend more time creating, and less time writing repetitive code.
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Editing a design with Collab Spot
Previewing a design on a tablet device
Easily collect feedback and test your product on popular device types.
Collab Spot makes it easy to invite users or team members to give feedback on your product. Make sure your product works everywhere by testing it on phones, tablets, desktop, and more within the editor.
Inspect any element to understand how it works.
Collab Spot comes with powerful element inspection to speed up your workflow. Click on any element of your design to see all of the content and styling code that is needed to render it visually, and easily copy it with a click.
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Inspecting an element with Collab Spot
Collect feedback and iterate the designs of digital media faster with Collab Spot.

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