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Marketing Teams
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When it comes to marketing, better communication means more sales. Collab Spot is the best way to gather feedback and ensure your entire team stays on the same page to come up with the perfect marketing plan.
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Gather feedback, share ideas with your team, and suggest copy changes — all in one easy to use platform.
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Organize all of your marketing projects, ideas, and outreach efforts in one place with Collab Spot.
Easily leave comments and start conversations with your team.
Collab Spot makes it easy to coordinate content creation, suggested edits, and feedback collection with a robust commenting system. Share your notes on the entire page, or get granular by selecting a specific element of your team's design.
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View your product from your customer's perspective in a robust live environment.
Modernize your workflow by easily marking up your project in a live environment. This allows the marketing team to easily test and modify designs and content on any device size in order to guarantee a great experience for end users.
All of your team's work, in one place.
View all of the marketing team's efforts all in one place on the dashboard. Easily interact with comments, mark tasks as complete, and view edits that have been made to your design.
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Collect feedback and iterate the designs of digital media faster with Collab Spot.

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