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Project Management
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To manage a project effectively, you have to be able to stay on the same page as the rest of your team. Collab Spot is a great way for project management to view the work their team is doing, provide feedback, and even make changes of their own in a no-code enviroment.
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Easily monitor all of the changes your team is making on digital projects, and provide direction or feedback in seconds.
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Track the product development process, feature requests, and collaborate on the design process.
View and test all of your team's changes in a live build.
Collab Spot makes it easy to coordinate content creation, suggested edits, and feedback collection with a robust commenting system. Share your notes on the entire page, or get granular by selecting a specific element of your team's design.
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Spend less time struggling to communicate between departments, and more time building a great product.
Keeping management on the same page as developers, designers, QA testers, and more can be a true struggle. Knock down barriers with Collab Spot's effective and intuitive communication tools.
Track feature requests and log bugs.
Keeping track of features as well as issues in your designs is an essential component of project management. Collab Spot's feedback tools make it trivial to record both and build a better product for your end users.
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Logging bugs using Collab Spot
Collect feedback and iterate the designs of digital media faster with Collab Spot.

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