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Remote Teams
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Working remotely on digital media should be as easy as collaborating in person. With Collab Spot's multiplayer feedback collection and no-code design tools, it is.
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Remotely gather feedback and iterate designs as if you were in the same room as your team.
Multiplayer design editing with Collab Spot
Leave comments, create and assign tasks, and visually edit designs in real time with your team.
Create a project, then invite all of your collaborators.
Adding your website or digital media to Collab Spot takes seconds. After that, you can assign different levels of permission to your collaborators. This makes it easy to distinguish between editors, QA testers, and those providing design feedback.
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Sharing a project with your team using Collab Spot
Viewing a teammate working in Collab Spot
Presence features let you to see what your teammates are working on as they do it.
As you edit your projects, you will be able to see your team making changes and leaving feedback in real time. This creates a sense of presence, similar to working in Figma or Google Docs with larger team sizes.
All of your team's work, in one place.
Stay on top of the team's efforts by viewing their work in one place on the dashboard. Easily interact with comments, mark tasks as complete, and view edits that have been made to your design.
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Viewing comments on the Collab Spot dashboard
Collect feedback and iterate the designs of digital media faster with Collab Spot.

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