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In this guide, learn how to share a Collab Spot project so that your entire team can seamlessly work together. Easily set different levels of access.
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How To Share Your Project
Collab Spot makes it easy to add your whole team to a project, so that you may work together seamlessly. You can share your project via email or a sharing link — both of these options are detailed below.
Sharing a Collab Spot project
Email Sharing
To get started, use the share project button on the top left corner of your screen or navigate to the list of your team members. From here, you can enter the email address of the collaborator that you wish to work with.
About Permission Levels
There are 3 different levels of access that each team member can have: viewer permissions, feedback permissions, and editor permissions. The differences between these access levels is detailed below.
Viewer Permissions — With viewer permissions, users can browse and interact with the project, but cannot provide feedback or edit the design.
Feedback Permissions — With feedback permissions, users can leave comments and create to-do lists, but cannot edit the design of the website.
Editor Permissions — With editor permissions, users can both leave feedback and make design changes.
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