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To be successful, startups need to ensure great communication with both their team and their users. Collab Spot gives startups the tools they need to do both so that you can focus on scaling your company.
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Collect feedback from your team and users, distribute tasks amongst team members, and rapidly iterate your product and marketing in a no-code environment.
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Collab Spot gives your team all of the feedback and design tools that your startup needs to build an incredible product.
Collect contextualized feedback from your team and users.
Easily invite people to view your product in a collaborative workspace where they can easily leave comments, report bugs, and preview the experience on a variety of popular device types.
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Creating tasks with Collab Spot
Create tasks, and distribute them amongst to team members.
Collab Spot makes task management simple — tasks can be added that cover a given page, or you can click on a specific element of your project to mark what needs to be done. Then, assign the task to a team member. Once completed, tasks can be easily archived.
Grant the right level of access for the right team members.
Collab Spot makes it simple to grant different levels of permission for those viewing your project. Easily distinguish between full editors, those with feedback-only permissions, and those with permission only to view the project.
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Sharing a Collab Spot project
Collect feedback and iterate the designs of digital media faster with Collab Spot.

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