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Keep track of the changes you want to make by easily building to-do lists and assigning tasks to team members.
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Create and assign tasks in seconds with Collab Spot Commenting with Collab Spot
Stay on top of what needs to get done with task management purpose-built for digital media.
Create a to-do list about any element.
Your projects can get complicated, so Collab Spot allows for easy task management. Simply click on any element on your website to start a focused to-do list, or attach a list to the page overall.
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Leaving a to-do list with Collab Spot
Collab Spot tasks
Your entire team, on the same page.
Each member of your team can create tasks and mark assignments as complete. Keep tabs on your progress by easily viewing what has gotten done, and what still needs work.
Task management, made simple.
Once your team has finished everything on a given to-do, you can archive it to reduce clutter. Archived lists can be brought back and edited in seconds to accommodate your dynamic workflow.
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